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Let’s follow a backpacker’s journey to experience a breathtaking conquest of “the spine of dinosaur” on the top of Ta Xua Mountain, Yen Bai province. 

Ta Xua Mountain is one of the dangerous mountains in the West of Yen Bai. This is a challenging journey to discover the mysterious Ta Xua mountain, which was once a Mecca of Pomu (Pine) forest destroyers, with a rough path on the half way up the mountain and extremely deep cliffs with heavy wind along the two sides of the mountain. This area is also said to be the heaven of white clouds thanks to its rugged terrain and the vast steppe with thousands of wild flowers.

Ta Xua Mountain creates a natural boundary between Yen Bai and Son La with three peaks, offering a magnificent mountainous picture. The highest peak of the mountain is the place where Vietnam flag tower is put at the height of 2,850 meters. At the second peak, there is still an old flag tower built in French colonial period. The third peak is in the middle and it is like a connecting line making the spine of dinosaur. And you can conquer “that spine” with two ways. One starts from Ta Xua village and another starts from Bac Yen.

Ta Xua Mountain

Ta Xua Mountain
The spine of dinosaur
When you leave Ta Xua village, the path to the top of Ta Xua becomes slippery and steep. Then, you will head to the forest edge. In your journey, you will see a cliff whose shape is similar to the head of a turtle. The turtle’s head stays at the height of 2,120 meters. 
On the edge of Ta Xua
Ta Xua not only owns magnificent landscape but also is home to various kinds of Rhododendron flowers covering the mountain. 
Flower on Ta Xua Mountain
Flowers on Ta Xua Mountain
It will take you two days to trek in the forest to go to “the spine of dinosaur”. Therefore, you can camp under chestnuts with blooming white flowers overnight.
Camping in the forest

Crossing the forest with burnt trees, you will meet steep cliffs. Coming here, because there is no path to go to two adjacent peaks, you have to cling to the cliffs to swing from this side to other side of mountain.
Sunrise on Ta Xua Mountain
Sunrise on Ta Xua

Floating Cloud on Ta Xua
Floating Cloud on Ta Xua

Magnificent view on Ta Xua
Continue the conquest

Conquer Ta Xua Mountain

Conquer Ta Xua Mountain

Conquer Ta Xua Mountain
Breathtaking experience

Conquer Ta Xua Mountain
And enjoy glorious minutes on Ta Xua
(Source: 24h)

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